DigMus Kick-off Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the official kick-off meeting on the project DigMus took place on Skype on 23 September 2020. At the beginning of the meeting, the responsible coordinator manager Nadzeya Charapan welcomed the partners.

Thereafter the partners presented the main orientations and perspectives for the development of the mapping stage of the project, scheduled for 2020-2021. The purpose of this first meeting was primarily the definition of work structures, work packages for the first year of the project, and getting to know each of the partner and institutional profiles. Besides the main partner institutions, Roeland Paardekooper, Head of EXARC, the ICOM* Affiliated Organisation on Archaeological Open-Air Museums, Experimental Archaeology, Ancient Technology and Interpretation (Netherlands) and Halina Gottlieb, CEO at Digital Heritage Center Sweden AB and Director of NODEM. The next six months will be used to develop and conduct a qualitative survey of museum professionals in Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania.