"When will Santa's list be digital?" by Kevin Dooley is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

DigMus Mapping Stage: Progress Report

Have a good start to 2021!
A new year brings a new stage of the DigMus project.

Over the last three months, the DigMus Team arranged several meetings to develop the questionnaire about the training needs in digital skills for museum professionals. To disseminate information about the initiative, Nadzeya Charapan presented the project during the Conference “Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries” in October 2020.

In 2021, the DigMus team will organize several activities to facilitate a more sustainable and multifold integration of digital collections in museum professional practices. To make sure that these activities keep up with the existing demand, we will invite museum professionals to participate in the survey.

The survey consists of three blocks and up to 20 questions. The first block covers the background information about the museum and the respondent. The second section addresses professional practices and training needs. Lastly, the third part inquires about a format of the training.

The survey is available via the link.

During the next three months, the DigMus Team will collect the data for the development stage. If you are interested in collaboration and training, please contact us via the form

Have a prosperous year!
The DigMus Team